Teeth Whitening in Denver, Westminster and Arvada is available at Morehead Peak Dental

Teeth Whitening DenverWe offer internal and external bleaching of natural teeth.

One of the most cost effective ways to take a few years off your appearance is by bleaching your teeth.  Brightening your smile is an easy, quick and painless way to look years younger.

Have you noticed your teeth have gotten a little yellow?  Do they have stains from coffee or tea? 

If so, you could benefit from a teeth whitening treatment from Morehead Peak Dental.   

Our teeth can have two types of staining-internal(intrinsic) and external-(extrinsic).  Stains that happen inside the tooth cannot be removed by brushing or flossing. 

Teeth develop internal stains while they are forming.  For instance, as a child, if you received too much fluoride, you could develop a condition called fluorosis.  This gives your teeth a snow-flake appearance.  Bleaching can help even out the different color tones and restore your teeth to a more natural appearance. 
Another common cause for internal staining is medication.  The most notorious was tetracycline.  This medication when taken in adolescence left the permanent teeth with a dark gray appearance.  This type of stain is difficult to change but with some in-office bleaching, results can be achieved. 

If a tooth has been injured, it can darken over time.  Bleaching can help lighten the injured tooth so it matches the other teeth. 

External stains are much easier to treat. Usually, this type of staining is caused by the ingestion of dark foods or beverages.  Common culprits are;

  • coffee
  • tea 
  • cigarettes 
  • red wine
  • dark berries  
This type of staining is best removed by good home care and a professional cleaning. 

Morehead Peak Dental offers in-office bleaching along with custom trays you wear at home. 

It's important to remember that some teeth will not be good candidates for bleaching especially if they have crowns or composite fillings. 

Before you spend a lot of money on over-the-counter bleaching treatments, let us evaluate your teeth and develop the best teeth whitening program for you.  

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